MBL Dollar Prepaid Card

MBL Dollar prepaid cards offer individual travelers the most convenient way to hold and access currency abroad. It is a secured and convenient alternative to carrying physical cash during travel. Customers' demands for FCY exchange facility and foreign currencies shall be addressed effectively with MBL Dollar prepaid cards as physical cash may not be always available with the Bank. It is a pre-funded card, one only spends the money loaded on it which helps to minimize frauds and control spending habit of the card holder as well.

Some of the facilities available from MBL Prepaid Card:

  1. MBL Dollar Prepaid card is denominated in US Dollars and is valid worldwide
  2. Customers do not need to open an account for the issuance of prepaid card
  3. Cash Withdrawal
  4. Fast Cash
  5. Balance Enquiry
  6. PIN Change
  7. Payment of Purchase of goods/services at the merchant locations (through POS) without any charge
  8. Purchase of goods/services through E-commerce site (as permitted by NRB)

Transaction Limit

  1. For Cash withdrawal from ATMs
    Limit per transaction: USD 1,000 or (as per the acquiring bank)
    Limit per day: USD 2,000.00 or (as per the acquiring bank)
  2. For purchase from POS terminals
    Limit per transaction: N/A

Limit per day: USD 2,000.00

Acquiring Terminals

MBL Dollar Prepaid Card can be used on all ATM and POS terminals around the world bearing Visa brand mark (except for Nepal, Bhutan & India), and E-commerce sites accepting payment through visa cards.

Fees and Charges

As per Standard Tariff of Charges


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