Insta Pay Facility

Insta Pay is a value added product of MBL under credit card for the financing of the consumer durables. With Insta Pay, you get to purchase varieties of home appliances, electronic gadgets, furniture, jewelries, and many more.  


Frequently Asked Question:

1. What is MBL Insta Pay?

MBL Insta Pay is the product under credit card for the financing of the consumer durables where customers can enjoy facility to buy their item of interest and pay on EMI.


2. How will I get started with Insta Pay?

To use our Insta Pay facility, you first need to have MBL credit card, once you have credit card limit on your hand, you simply need to fill up Insta Pay application from and submit it to your nearest branch of   Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited.


3. What documentation do I need to provide?

You need to provide quotation of goods/services you are willing to buy along with Insta Pay application form.


4. How does my installment option works?

Once you are approved to get Insta Pay facility from bank’s side, your credit card limit shall be blocked and converted into EMI. Your limit gets released only when you pay your monthly installments.


5. How will I pay back my EMI?

Bank will auto-enable standing instruction on your saving account to enable debit of monthly payments for EMI. Please make sure you keep sufficient balance in your account to cover for EMI amount.

In case you don’t maintain account or do not have sufficient balance in account or wish to pay the amount early, you can pay by filling credit card voucher from nearest MBL branch.

In addition, you can also pay your Installment from Connect IPS, Esewa, Mobile Banking of different banks and FI’s and Internet Bank.


6. What charges I need to pay to avail Insta Pay Facility?

You will be charged certain upfront fee on the basis of tenure you choose to avail Insta Pay Facility. On certain circumstances, your merchant shall pay the bank on your behalf.

Upfront fee differs with the price of product/service and tenure you choose to repay all your EMI’s.


7. How will I get notified for the payments of my Installment?

You will get your monthly statement on 6th of every English calendar month in your email and you are supposed to pay it by 20th of the same month. If  part payments, financial charges will be levied in the total outstanding amount from the installment date @ 2% PM.


8. What happens if I won’t be able to pay my installment on time?

Bank shall charge you interest and late payment fee on the basis of your overdue date.


9. What is the minimum and maximum purchase amount on which I can avail Insta Pay?

Minimum purchase amount to avail Insta Pay will be NPR 15,000 and maximum amount will be NPR 1,000,000


10. How do I know my eligibility limit for Insta Pay?

You are eligible to get the products worth twice of your credit card limit. If you wish to buy products of more than your eligible limits, you need make down payments to the merchants accordingly.


11. What are the repayment tenure options for Insta Pay facility?

You have an option to select the repayment tenure from 6 months to 36 months.


12. What are the items I can buy using Insta Pay?

  • Purchase of Home Appliances
  • Purchase of Electronic Gadgets
  • Purchase of Holiday packages
  • Purchase Furniture and Furnishing items
  • Purchase Gold and Diamond Ornaments
  • Purchase Bike and Scooters
  • Payment of Insurance Premium
S.N Merchant Name Address Goods Contact Details
1 7+7 Mobile House Samakhusi Kathmandu All Brand Mobile 9851021627/014364552
2 A to Z Mobile Care Biratnagar-12, Morang All Brand Mobile phones & Home Appliances 9842026026
3 A to Z Online Bazar Pvt ltd Putlisadak, Kathmandu Online All Brand Mobile,Home Appliance etc 01-4222104 / 9851112104
4 A.B.C. Suppliers Biratchowk, Morang,Nepal Samsung, LG Home Appliances 9852041536
5 Aabhushan crafts Naxal,bhagwati marg Jewellery gold and diamond 9851043097
6 Abu trade link Dhangadi Nepal Electronic brands 9868422662
7 Amit Impex Damak-6 Jhapa, Nepal All Brand Mobile & Home Appliance 9852675700
8 Arun electronics Biratnagar  morang Electronic appliances 9852020157
9 Ashmi Jewellers Newroad, Kathmandu Gold, Silver & Diamond Jewellers 9851189764 / 01-4224905
10 Balaji Furnishing Center Damak-11, Jhapa Furniture & Furnishing 9852655156
11 Bela Motors Kathmandu-5, Nepal Bella Scooters & Bikes,Tricycle 9851063224 / 9841642777
12 Bibha Laxmi Jewellers Biratchowk, Morang,Nepal Jewellery 9811039782
13 Buddha Group of Electronics Gwarko,kathmandu Home Appliances 9802937531
14 Colour Wave Mobile Center Chardabato, Banepa All Brand Mobile 9851162933
15 Cyber Zone Damauli-2,Tanahun All Brand Mobile 9846133999
16 Design City Nepal Pvt Ltd Sanepa Hometheater,Projectors 9818448212
17 Dhiraj suppliers Mirchaiya shiraha Baltra,TCL,ACs & electronics  
18 Digital mobile center Prithivi chock, pokhara All kinds of mobile 9856035446
19 Dipesh Infosys Dhangadhi, Nepal Computer, Laptop, Printer & electronics items 9851168979
20 Easy Mobile Care Newroad, Kathmandu All Brand Mobile 9851045133
21 ECO Infinity Maitighar, Kathmandu Electric Scooter 9801230007
22 Electro world Gorahi Dang Home appliances 9847842222
23 EVO Store Lalitpur I phone Mobile 9851036757
24 Folliderm Health Care Pvt Ltd Baluwatar, Kathmandu Hair Transplent/Skin Clinic  
25 Furniture Hub Pvt Ltd Chappal karkhana, Kathmandu Furniture item 9861696199
26 Gaire Mobile and Laptop Care Center Tansen,-04, Palpa MI Mobile 9857060005
27 Generation Next Communication Pvt Ltd Sherpa Mall Durbarmarg, Kathmandu I phone Mobile/ Dell,Apple Laptop 9851139794
28 Global Key Technology Pvt Ltd Durbarmarg Kathmandu All Brand Home Appliance, Electronic Gadgets & Furniture 9801034501
29 Good Will Electronics Kasaki, Nepal Samsung,Whirlpool, CG, TCL & Godrej 9856011700
30 H.S Electronics Pepsicola ktm Home appliances 9851055946
31 Hard Hat Trading Pvt Ltd Khusibu, Kathmandu Helmet & Accessories 9851027524
32 HIM Electronics Pvt Ltd Durbar marg,kathmandu Samsung mobile and Home appliances 9851279022
33 Home Service Nepal Pvt Ltd New Baneshwor, Kathmandu Online All Brand Mobile,Home Appliance etc 9849168257 / 9851022980
34 I Hub Pvt Ltd Babarmahal, Kathmandu Oneplus Mobile 9851093205
35 IMS Connect Kamaladi, Kathmandu Samsung Mobile 9802004633
36 IMS/Smart Kamaladi, Kathmandu Samsung Mobile 9802004633
37 Jam Rose Traders Dharan 7 sunsari Mobile phones 9802776601
38 Janata Traders Damak-11, Jhapa All Brand Home Appliances 023-584033
39 Janata Trading Center Damak-11, Jhapa All Brand Home Appliances 9852677772
40 Janta ghadi radio center Aanbukhaireni,biz bazzar tanahun Timex,samsung,himstar  
41 Jaya Durga Electronics Center Biratchowk, Morang,Nepal Samsung, LG 9852041542
42 Jisan Store Rajbiraj-04 Samsung,MI,VIVO,Oppo Mobile 9804731720
43 Jyoti Shree Pvt.Ltd. Babarmahal, Kathmandu Solar, heater and Printer 9851112425
44 Karuna Interior Pvt Ltd  Gairidhara, Kathmandu Furniture Item 9841277953
45 Kohinoor furniture Pepsicola ktm Furniture and funishing 9844148227
46 Kumari Home Appliances Chabahil LG,Samsung Home Appliances  
47 Lucky jewellers industries Narayanghat, chitwan Jewellery items 9851097245
48 Mahalaxmi electronics Dharaan-9 sunsari TV, Freez,A.C,fan,filter 9842167499
49 Mani TV Center Narayanghat,Chitwan Home Appliances 9845044715
50 Namuna Electronics Dhangadhi, Nepal Home Appliances & Electronics Item 9858420631
51 Naresh mobile center Myagdi nepal Samsung,MI,VIVO,apple,nokia,huwai phones 9847624018
52 National Suppliers Biratnagar-7, Morang battery , fan, A.C, Heater and Cooler 9852023194/984249969
53 Nava Jeevan Traders and Suppliers Bhimdatta-4, Kanchanpur Samsung,CG,Yasuda Home Appliance 9848745672
54 Neelam Gahana Pasal New Road Kathmandu Gold & Diamond Jewellery  9803660760
55 New Denish Electronics Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur All Brand Mobile & Home Appliance 9851143197
56 New laxmi emporium Bharatpur Chitwan Gold 9855057046
57 New Lokman & Sons Bharatpur, Chitwan Diamond and Gold 9855055412
58 New Sanjay Battery Suppliers Ulabari, Morang  Invetors  & Battery 9819301054
59 New Saptakoshi Electronics Itahari Sunsari, Nepal Samsung & Himstar Electronics Item 9842035670
60 New Sarasawati Electronics Dharan-12,Nepal TV, Freez and A.C 9852049543
61 New Super Star Enterprises  Sukrapath, Kathmandu LG, Samsung,panasonic Home Appliance 01-4242000/9851041437
62 Newmar digital kathamndu-32 Home appliances  
63 OLA Electronics Pvt Ltd Triveni Complex Putlisadak Huawei Mobile 9801248181 / 9801248151
64 Om Sai Enterprises Biratnagar , Morang Home appliances 9852025564
65 ORBIT  International Travel Pvt Ltd Kammal Pokhari-30, Kathmandu Travel and Tour Package 9851018552
66 Pathivara implex Birtamod-6 jhapa Samsung products 9842717424
67 Peoples Mobile Hub Newroad, Kathmandu All Brand Mobile 9851135126
68 Raksha jewellers Thapathali, Kathmandu Jewellery items 9844457242/9854026871
69 Rupakot int's Travel Gairidara-1 ktm Holiday pacakge  
70 S & kiwi Doors textile Dhumarahi Furnitures,Doors 9851188912
71 S R electroncs  Damauki tanhaun LG brands , washing machine,fan,LCD  
72 S.K Electronics & Suppliers Mirchaiya, shiraha Mobile phones & Home Appliances 9805951772
73 S.K.Furnishing Flooring &Electronics Rajbiraj,Saptari Furniture & Refrigerator, Television 9804741818
74 S.M mobiles and parts center Rajbiraj saptari oppo,vivo, nokia,mi,samsung 9816729281
75 S.N Joshi & Sons Co Pvt Ltd Patan Hospital Road, Nepal SB Furniture 9802072012
76 Samsara Holidays Lazimpat, Kathmandu Holiday package of foreign countries 01-4006666 / 982000658
77 Sargam Varieties bhadrapur Hitache,Sony Home Appliance  9852679179
78 Shiv Shankar Traders Ghorahi-15  Dang Samsung,MI,VIVO,Oppo,I phone Mobiles 9847842222
79 Shivam trading and business house Rajbiraj saptari TV and refrigerator 9852823551/9804704504
80 Shree Ganesh Stores Tansen-2 ,Palpa Samsung,MI,VIVO,Oppo Mobile 9857060223
81 Shrestha and Brothers Damak-08, Current Damak-06, Jhapa Furniture and Furnishing Items 9802740620/023-582640
82 Shrestha time & Sound services Beni myagdi Home appliances 9857640025
83 Shrestha Traders Ghorahi, Dang All Brand Mobile & Home Appliance 9812850131
84 Silicon valley trading concern Jhapa Home Appliances & Electronics Item 9852676330/9801405770
85 Subin auto mobile Tanahun Scotter,bike,helmet and spare parts  
86 TV World New Baneshawor, Kathmandu Home Appliances 01-4780343/4780230
87 Ugratara Technical Goods Dhangadhi, Nepal Computer, Laptop, Printer 9858420667
88 Ugratara Trading House Dhangadhi,Nepal Computer, Laptop, Printer 9858515157
89 Universal Electrocom Tripureshawor,  Kathmandu Hitache Home Appliance  9801001932
90 Vastel Impex Pvt Ltd Thapathali, Kathmandu MI/Xiaomi Mobile 01-4101528 / 9841885531
91 D.G Multi Brand Mobile Center Lagenkhel, Lalitpur All Brand Mobile 9861784367
92 New Microland Computer & Suppliers Rajbiraj,Saptari Ac, Laptop & Desktop 9814747550
93 Kantipur Holidays Pvt Ltd Lazimpat, Kathmandu Holidays Tour Package 9802015912
94 Sungava Mobile Pasal Dhankuta, Nepal Samsung mobile and Home appliances 9852050567
95 BNB Electronics Dhankuta, Nepal All Brand Mobile & Home Appliances 9852050345
96 Hi Tech Mobile Institute Dhankuta, Nepal Samsung mobile and Home appliances 9852050700
97 Sunakhari Mobile pasal Dhankuta, Nepal Samsung mobile and Home appliances 9842063071
98 Mansoon Mobile Center Gorahi Dang All Brand Mobile & Home Appliances 9857831826
99 Electronic World Kamalbinayak Pvt Ltd Kamalvinayak, Bhaktapur All Brand Mobile & Home Appliances  
100 IME Travels Pvt Ltd Trisara Complex, Lazimpat Travels & Tours package 9801002461
101 L.G Impex Dharan-9, Dharan LG Home Appliances 9852047901


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