Interest Rates

Effective from October 21, 2019

Types of Deposit** per annum (%)
MBL Smart Bachat Khata 6.50
Ek Byakti Ek Khata Yojana 4.50
Normal Saving 4.50
Pewa Bachat Yojana 4.50
Yuba Bachat Khata 4.50
Shareholders Saving 4.50
Samman Bachat Khata 4.50
BalBalika Bachat Khata 4.50
MBL Premium Saving Account 4.50
Remittance Bachat Khata 4.50
MBL Student Saving 4.50
MBL Retirement Plan Account 4.50
Salary Management Account 6.50
Special Salary Management Scheme 6.50
MBL Smart Salary Account 6.50
MBL Surakshit Talab Khata 6.50
MBL Recurring Deposit                                                                                                                                            9.25
US Dollar Saving 3.00
Euro Saving 2.00
GBP Saving 2.00
US Dollar Saving 4.50
Euro Saving 1.50
GBP Saving 2.50
NRN/ Foreign Institutional FCY FD(2 Years and above)
US Dollar Saving 5.50
Euro Saving 2.50
GBP Saving 3.50
Tenure Individual/NRN
3 months to 1 year 9.25
Above 1 year 9.20
Tenure Institutional
3 months to 1 year 8.50/8.50/8.60
Above 1 year  8.50/8.50/8.60
Credit Facilities *Premium Rate  (% per annum)
Working Capital Loan
(Overdraft/Demand Loan/Short Term-Demand Loan/Trust Receipt/Pledge Loan/Packing Credit Loan)

Term Loan/Bridge Gap Loan
Subject to Internal Loan Category (Corporate, Mid-Corporate, Prime/MSB, SME, ESME Lending)
Base Rate Plus upto 6.00%
Retail/Consumer Lending
Home Loan Base Rate plus upto 6.00%
Auto Loan plus upto 6.00%
Commercial Vehicle Loan (HP) plus upto 6.00%
Mortgage Loan plus upto 6.00%
Mortgage Plus Loan plus upto 6.00%
Salary Package Loan plus upto 6.00%
Privilege Loan plus upto 6.00%
Education Loan plus upto 6.00%
Loan against Fixed Deposit Receipt (Own) for New plus 2.50% on coupon on FDR rate or  plus 1.00% on base rate, whichever is higher
Loan Against Shares (Margin Lending) plus upto 6.00%
Loan Against Gold plus upto 6.00%
Loan against Government Securities/Bonds plus 3.00% on coupon rate or  plus 1.00% on base rate, whichever is higher 
Loan against 1st Class Bank Guarantee plus upto 5.00%
Loan against FCY Deposit plus upto 5.00%
Forced Loan base rate + Highest Premium Rate + Penal 2.00%
Deprived Sector Lending
Indirect Lending (Wholesale or Institutional) Base Rate plus upto 2.50%
Direct Lending (All Type) plus upto 6.00%
Yuba Tatha Sana Byabasai Swarojgar Kosh   As per the Agreement
Loans under Consortium Financing    As per the Consortium Agreement 
Yuba Tatha Sana Byabasi Karja providing  under  NRB Norms   As per NRB Norms
Home Loan for Earthquake Victims under NRB Refinancing    As per NRB Norms
Penal Interest on past due loans & expired loan   Plus 2% on Applicable Rate (Base Rate + Applied Premium rate )
BLB Agent Overdraft Loan   As per the Agreement
FCY Denominated Loan    
Pre Shipment and Post Shipment   One Year Libor Rate + 1.25%
FCY Loan for Import LC (Sight)   Six Month Libor Rate + 1.25%
Base Rate of Ashwin End 2076   10.56%
Spread Rate of Ashwin End 2076   5.18%


  • *Rates are indicative only.
  • **The rate of other obselete product shall be as per Normal Saving.
  • ***Conditions Apply.
  • The effective applicable interest  rate shall be automatically revised with effect from the 1st day of every quarter based on the change in the previous quarter-end(Bikram Calender Base)
  • Call deposit interest rates shall be as per agreement subject to NRB guidelines.
  • Interest Rate on Credit Facilities shall be revised in line with the revision on Base Rate as per NRB Directives effective from October 21, 2019
  • Premium rate of each borrower, deal shall be determined subject to loan type/category, tenure of each deal, Internal Credit Risk Rating Assessment etc.
  • Interest Rates on loans against NRB refinance shall be as per NRB guidelines.