MBL Mortgage Loan

This loan scheme aims to extend secured loans to individuals in all strata of life based on their income stream to meet their financial need to fulfill their personal, family and social need.

Under this scheme, loans availed shall be under following category

-Mortgage Overdraft (MOD): It shall be either fully settled in one year or renewed annually upon satisfactory performance. Overdraft can be available for all purposes (except clearly stated speculative transactions)

-Mortgage Term Loan (MTL): It shall be repaid within a predetermined period in multiple installment.



  • All Nepalese Citizens (individuals only).
  • The applicant must be at least 21 years of age (as per citizenship certificate) at the time of submission of loan application.
  • The loan must be terminable before the applicant reaches the age of 70 years.
  • In cases where salary income has been considered for the assessment of repayment capacity of the customer, loan must be terminable before the age of retirement or the borrower reaches 70 years of age whichever occurs first.
  • Loan can be approved in joint names (more than one customer also). However, at least one of the borrowers must meet the above criteria.


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