MBL Mahila-U Loan

This loan scheme aims on availing loans to women entrepreneur (Mahila Uddhyami) especially in rural and semi urban areas.

Loans availed under this category shall be under following types

Demand Loan: It shall be either fully settled in one year or renewed annually upon satisfactory performance.

Term Loan: It shall be repaid within a predetermined period in multiple installments.



  • Shall be made available to only to entrepreneurship (ie micro enterprise) promote and owned by Nepalese Women or group of Nepalese women.
  • The applicant must be at least 21 years of age (as per citizenship certificate) at the time of submission of loan application and the loan must be terminable before applicant reaches the age of 65 years (for individual customer’s only)
  • In case of business unit as a borrower, the business must be registered with department Small Industry or any other competent authority as per norms of Know Your Customer.
  • Borrowers must be literate that is able to write and record his/her business activities
  • Loans can be approved in joint names (more than one customer also). However, at least one of the borrowers must meet the above criteria. The joint customer can be undivided family as well as third party member/partners.

Note: In case of business owned by group of women, the business unit/owners shall be deemed eligible if at least one of the owners meets the criteria mentioned above.


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