Balbalika Bachat Khata

Balbalika Bachat Khata

Balbalika Bachat Khata is a product focused towards the children of 15 years of age and below. The account is opened by their guardians. It is designed to encourage a saving habit amongst parents so they can save significant amount of fund to build a secure future for their children.



  1. This is a Personal Individual Deposit Account opened on behalf of individuals of 15years of age and below by their parents/guardians.
  2. The Account may be opened with a minimum balance of NPR 100.00
  3. This account can be opened in Local currency only.
  4. Free Internet banking.
  5. The account to be changed into a major account after the completion of 15 years of the account holder.


Visit our nearest branch to open a Balbalika Bachat Khata and start saving for your child’s future!

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